Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 28

Well, I was transferred. I am now in a city called Guarapiranga. It's more ghetto than I thought ghetto could be! hahaha! But everything is great here. My companion is elder Oliviero from Fortaleza CearĂ¡. He and I have the exact same time in the mission as each other and so it's cool to relate with him on a few things! My testimony here has been tried but the outcome was that it's only stronger now! We made a lot of plans to really make a difference here as missionaries and so he and I are going to focus a lot on re-activating people. We are convinced that with this we will have just as much success as we've been having but even more. With 2x the blessings!! We're super excited to be here together as companions. He always tells me that he hates companions that are lazy and he always asked president to give him a companion that isn't lazy and so he's super happy that I think the same way! We're going to make miracles here people!! Here's the dude we baptized this past week! Ermerson.

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sorry I've sucked at sending email home lately, but I'll try better to keep you guys updated!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 27

Feeling the love this week with 4 in the inbox. 3 from the mission home secretary and one from the church talking about how much money I have on my mission card. But here's a picture from the mission tour I had this last week with a 70!