Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 23

So now with just over 5 months in the mission, my 4th transfer as a missionary in the feild is going to a start tomorrow. But this transfer will be a little bit different for a major reason...the Lord and President Dalton have put their trust in me to be a trainer!!!!!! wahoooooooo! In mission language, being a trainer means that I'm going to be a dad!!! Haha, I'm so excited for the opportunity I'll have to help someone else better themselves as a missionary! But with that being said, it also means that my son will be my 5th companion in just 5 months! Kinda crazy!! Last sunday we had 11 people at church! It's been something I've been praying for for a long time! It seems like the people here are just getting lined up to enter the baptismal font and become members of this great church.

I'm so happy for the opportunity have to serve a mission. To serve a mission in Brazil, be speaking portuguese and to be helping people come close to Christ! I love our savior and am so proud to be a representative of him!  

My baptism last week! My last baptism with Elder Moos!!! 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 21

 Here's a picture of me and my new companion elder moos!!! He's american! We teach english tp a school every Tuesday and so we are the only area in the mission that has 2 americans. It's really hard to keep learning Portuguese because we only ever speak English to each other!!!

Here's a picture of our baptism from this week! It took us forever to finally help this guy get baptised but after more than 10 weeks working with missionaries he asked me to baptise him!

Missionary work is very hard but it is soo rewarding. at times. I'll be walking in the street and realize how much pain my body is feeling and it makes me want to stop. But one thing that I always remember is the fact that Christ felt 1084375693249599 times worse than I'll ever feel and it helps me keep going. I always tell myself that the only unfair thing in life is the fact that Christ had to suffer for US. That always helps me keep going. There is a talk from Jeffrey R. Holland that I found that talks about missionary work. He says that missinary work is not easy. We are proud to call ourselves representatives of Jesus Christ, but because of that we need to feel a little bit of what he felt and that's why missionary work is hard! Why would we think that it would be easy for us if it was never, ever easy for him. That's what keeps me going. That's what makes me talk to people and that's why the spirit is with me when I teach and that is why I'm baptised weekly. The atonement changes people but most importantly it changes us as members of the church. It carries us through our trials.
I love my call and I love this work. The work of Christ is the best work to do.
I love and pray for you all everyday. Remember God in all things!!
Elder Barnard
jacob 6:12