Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 66

Well, this week was cool but at the same time a little heart breaking.

We "baptized" a girl this week whose information was lost and so in the church system she was a member of the church who hadn't been baptized. To help all wards everywhere I would ask you to help the missionaries in your ward find this list! Only the bishop has access. It's called "actions of the bishopric" or "bishopric actions". Something like that.. haha I'm not sure what the name is because I only know the name in portuguese hahha but please find the list and look for errors!! So that was pretty cool because of this list we have a few more people who will be baptized this week as well.

This week like I said was also heart breaking......why?
I was not able to meet all my goals this week.....RM´S will understand what I'm talking about.

But that's pretty much it. hope everyone has a good week this week!!

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Bonus question and answer:

What's been your favorite transfer so far?
***My favorite transfer was my 3rd one.  I baptized every single week that transfer and it was the only time on my mission where I felt like myself.

How long in a day do you knock doors?
***I try not to knock many doors during the day because I personally would never let anyone enter info my house if they just showed up out of nowhere!

Do you think in Portuguese now?
***I've gotten say good as I can get!  A lot of members are asking me how I learned so fast and so well!

How much do you use English?
English is something I use when I don't want other people to understand what I'm saying...but I can only speak it to other Americans so it's fairly rare!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 65

Well this week I realized that I have 5 more transfers left before I have to go home. The thought made me a little nervous because I have NO IDEA WHAT I'LL DO WHEN I GET HOME!!!!

So I got transfered to another area. CAPÃO REDONDO. I continued being a district leader but the companionships in my district are the zone leaders and the assistants...HAHAHAHA. So I'm the leader of my own leaders!!! President wants me to be the example in the district.

So with a new area came a new comapnion, new house, and new "room mates" my companion is ELDER GARCIA and I am finishing his training. My new house isn't a house! It's an apartment shared with the one and only companinship of the ASSISTANTS...hahaha this transfer should be good!!!

We are teaching a family that I hope will be baptized before this transfer ends!!!! Family of 5!!!! The youngest daughter is only 3 so she won't be able to get baptized yet but im super excited for this family!!!!

But that's pretty much it for now! Hope everyone had a great Easter!!!!!

Next week I promise pictures!