Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 79

well, this week was hard. i forgot my addaptor to send pictures to you guys. so sorry. haha

my comp and i are having a hard time finding good poeple to teach. we only had 4 people at church on sunday but the good news is that at least one of them will be batpised on saturday! LUCAS. the ward where im serving had 2 companionships but on monday nightthe other missionaries got transfered and the whole area is now ours! hahaha we looked in their area book to find that they were teaching a few people but not people interested to change their lives through christ. then out of nowhere the sisters called us and reminded us of a young man that they had been teaching but never had gotten baptised! idk what was going on in their area and i dont know why this kid hasnt been baptised yet but after teaching him on sunday after church and after the sisters also talked to him (because he went to our wared and then to the other ward after) we were able to close his baptism for this week! now we'll be preparing him along with a few others to enter into the waters of baptism this week!!


-Élder Barnard

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 74

this week went well. 

we had a baptism!!!! wooo woooo!!! 
President cordner got here on friday and tomorrow at the mission council meeting ill be able to finally meet him! 

so i dont have very much time today but basically to make a long story short....my companion and i are trying to be the best missionaries we could be.  or in other words because we are here in brasil we are trying to baptize weekly!!! so far so good! there is only one other missionary here on the mission in front of me for the most amount of weeks in a row as of right now!!!!!

things are getting so crazy around here that even when we know that we are going to bapize we sleep in he baptismal cloths for good luck!!!!!( or at least i do..) my area is straight up the ghetto of São Paulo! i love it!!!!

but little time to spare i wanna wish everybody a good, full of missionary work kindof week!


Élder Barnard