Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 13

Sooooo first transfer is finally over and I was sadly moved to another area. But, I've come to love this area even more than my last because its a cooler area. I now have 3 people living with me and I'm looking forward to having a great tranfer with good numbers. Elder Semedo is my companion, but, only for this past first week. He was here to show me the area so that I can memorize it and my new companion is Elder Albuqueque! I dont even know him yet but, I'm looking forward to working with him! We had another baptism this week of an invetigator that was more than golden and now she is a golden member! :D Her name is Ivania and she is O CADA!! (the best). We had I think 3 visits this week and every visit she made us a snack with coke!! She gives us a bag of candy everytime before we leave and most off all, last night she gave us a whole cake and me and my companion a new pair of shoes because she knows how fast we go through them!! Man she's awesome!!!!
So that makes 4 baptisms on my mission so far and we have another set for Wednesday!!!! The field here is ready to harvest, you just gotta open your mouth!!!!

What a great week! We have a train track here is my new area and he have trains come trough literally every 30 minutes. We put coins on the track and after the train passes by we go back and find our money and its Squished flat, super illegal!! haha 

I hope everyone has a great week! keep listening to those confernece talks!


Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 12

well dang...this week was a good week. elder dias and I got a lot done and were starting to get excited about the next 6 weeks or the next transfer. We were starting to set major goals for us as a companionship, finally getting our lazy ward to get involved with missionary work and so on. All was just peachy until the last 30 minutes of my first transfer when our phone rang and the assistant to the president told me I was being transfered! BOOOOOOO!! haha that was last night so today I'm packing my bags and starting all over again!! We finally had not only 1 baptism, but 2 baptisms this week. Our hard work finally paid off! After having every single other potential baptism kiau (fall through) we finally had 2 elect investiagators make their first convanent with the Lord. I was getting excited about being able to practice my baptismial prayer in the tougue of Brazil but both of our investitagotrs chose to have a member, FABIO, baptise them!!!! Fabio is a 6 month convert that as soon as he hits one year as a member is gunna ship off on a misson!! He is really excited about serving but earlier this week when Alice told us that she would like him to baptize(shortly after we left alices house) broke down in tears saying that he can't baptise her because he doesn't even know for himself that this church is really true. We tried everything we could to help him but he still was stuggling. All the way until Lucasour another baptism who got baptized on friday(alice got baptized on saturday) minutes before the baptism choice Fabio to baptize him also!!! Both Alice andLucas  desperatly wanted Fabio to baptize them...but why? "the holy ghost" quoting robert d hales on that one from conference this last wekend on that one. haha but anyways by this point Fabio felt good enough to baptize Lucas and after the baptism he came up and huged me and said thank you for helping him  and that he knows the church is true. The next day he baptized Alice. então, back to my quote.........conference was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all call conference here on the mish "the missionary vacation" it was by far the best and most inspirational conferences for me in my entire life. The overall theme for me was something that nearly every speaker spoke about. O Espiçao. the atonement. foi um otimo semana e eu esto super animado por o semana que vem!!!! really sad that I'm leaving my dad (my trainer) but life goes on!!!!

jacob 6:12

Elder Barnard