Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 53

All he said was "here's two pics for the week" 😍 workin hard this one. 😊😊😊

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 52

this week we found a NTM that will be baptised on sunday, during our first lesson with this family a young woman named tainan was at this families house. she was feeling a lot of pain in her upper stomach. after she accepted our invitation to go to church we explained to her about the priesthood and asked if she had faith stong enough to gain her health that she always had. she said yes and asked for a preisthood blessing. in my patriarcle blessing it says that i have the gift to heal the sick and weary, after recently gaining a true testemony that i have the power of god and that if i have faith i can help people, i gave a blessing to tainan. when i finished the blessing it didnt even take 10 seconds for her to say that she wasnt feeling anymore pain at all. the next day i asked her at church if she felt any pain from that point until now and she said she hasnt felt a thing. i know that the preisthood is a real thing and that through the power of god and because of the restouration of the gosple we have the power to bless the lives of many just as christ did when he was on the earth.

(NTM means personof a member family that isnt a member of the church yet)

the church is true and we all know it! i love the opertunity i have to be a member of this gospel and that i am able to share it to everyone here in my area!