Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 40

This week we had multizone conference with President. He called a few missionaries to gives talks and you guys can put your money on the table that I'm always going to get called on. My name was called out to give a talk. Luckily I had prepared a talk so everything went good. After I closed President told me that he was very grateful that I have the spirit with me because what I talked about was the topic that he chose to give his training! He said that great minds think a like but with the spirit minds will always think the same thing because the spirit will guide us on what he need to say. It was an amazing conference!! Then, this morning, reading my weekly letter from president Dalton he said that out off all the missionaries that gave talks mine was the best!!! When your priesthood leader says things like that to you all you can do is be happy and grateful!!!


The Lord really wanted me to speak to a lot of people this week and not only was I called to speak for the whole mission but also I was called by the bishop to speak in sacrament meeting. (He informed us as the meeting was starting) you can tell Bishop Campbell that I'm grateful for the opportunities he gave me to speak in sacrament meeting just letting me know 2 minutes before the meeting started while I was still home because this week, I put that practice to work. President Campbell always told me that he was putting me on the spot so that on my mission I'd be ready. I always thought it was just a good excuse to not have to call someone else to speak but looking back at now,  this week I realized nope! bishop Campbell was inspired and knew I needed the practice!

 This week was my 9 month birthday of my mission. It's a tradrition to buy a pizza with chocolate crust every time you hit your monthly




Week 39

So last week I sent an email in portuguese because I didn't want to have to think translating my email for you all. haha I hope google translate served well. Just in case people didn't understand. I HAVE A NEW COMPANION Elder da Silva. He is from Minas Dirise, a state that is close to SP. He served in the Brazilian army for two years. When I asked him if he ever had to kill anyone he said that he's shot many people but he doesn't know if they ended up dying. haha Kind of scary, nah? But he's really cool. He's getting ready to end his mission here in a little bit. He has 1 year and 7 months so. He is very experienced. I'm very grateful that we had an emergency transfer and that he ended up with me in my area. Just in case anyone doesn't know, I'm in the ward /guarapiranga, stake Guarapiranga. My area has a lot of apartments and is the more wealthy park of the stake. But with that being said its still in the middle of the ghetto!!! 


tTis week we were teaching the brother of a young man that we recently baptized. His dad arrived at their house and for a moment this kid (Igor) was kind of scared. Saying "oh no its my dad!" I had already seen his dad before but the only thing that he had ever said to me was good morning, good afternoon, and good night. But out of no where this man looked at us and completely opened up to us. His name is José Luis. He is super duper ready for the gospel in his life!!!! We are working to baptize him, his wife and his son, Igor. With their baptism this Sunday it will be a whole family that I, ME ANDREW HUNTER BARNARD helped get baptized!!! I'm not going to count my chickens before they hatch but with their baptism this weekend, I'll be able to go to the temple with them next year to witness their sealing!!!! Super happy about them!!


This week a few times we had to make our own lunch in our house. It is nice to have a companion who knows how to cook with you because with two people cooking things are easier and the food is better!!

 This is a dessert that is really common here in Brazil that we made called PUDDING. it doesn't look the best but it tastes BOM DEMAIS!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 38

A gente teve uma transferencia de emergenicia aqui na missão. meu companheiro, Elder Amorim fui transferido. meu novo companheiro é o elder Da Silva. ele é de minas dirice. (fiqua bem perto de são paulo.) esta semana fui super bom e coisas são de boa. o uniquo problema é que é mais facil para falar em portuguges do que ingles....durante conferencia geral eu tinha que prestar atenção para entender o que o discorsante estava falando. eu estava escutando em ingles! era bem deficil. mas, por em quando eu não tenho muito para dizer. eu espero que todo o mundo etsa bem e eu espero que eu vou ver muitos emails esta semana que vem! eu fico um poco dis amimado quando ningem esta querendo falar com migo.....mas tudo bem!

com amor,

Elder Hunter (Barnard)

Google Translation:
We had a emergency transfer here on the mission. My companion, Elder Amorim was transferred. My new partner isElder Da Silva. He is from Mines Dirice {a place in Brazil}. (it is near Sao paulo.) This week was super good and things are good. The unique problem is that it is easier to speak in Portuguese than English! During General Conference I had to pay attention to understand what the speaker was talking about. I was listening in English. It was pretty hard. Well, I don't have much to say. I hope everyone is well and I hope that I will see many emails this week! I'm a bit discouraged that everybody is needing to talk to me ... but oh well! 

With love

Elder Hunter (Barnard)

my area looks alot like this.

(P.S. i had to change my name)