Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 69

This week was awesome. I have the best companion I've ever had so far on my mission and I'm learning a bunch!!!!! Elder Bowcutt from Spring, Texas. This week we baptized twins!!!! Two young women! hahaha - It was awesome! This next week I'll send the pictures because I kinda forgot my camera...

So I'm in a new ward, but I have already used the church building before... so with that being said, I saw a few recent converts and members yesterday that I knew from my old ward. Everyone was going crazy saying "oh look who came back!" haha - It was awesome. But by far the best 2 moments I've ever had on my mission, I had yesterday. 

1) A woman came up practically crying telling me how grateful she was that I helped her husband come back to church. She said he wasn't someone that I baptized but it's someone who needed me to help them come back to church. She said I was called to serve here in this mission to help the church grow through baptizing recent converts, but more importantly, to reactivate her husband in the church.

Just so that everyone can know, this man now has a calling in the elders quorum presidency.

2) My recent convert from this same ward who I thought was inactive.......CAME RUNNING UP TO ME YESTERDAY TO GIVE ME A HUGE HUG SAYING THAT HE'S WORKING ON HIS MISSION PAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a day full of joy and excitement!!!! I love serving the Lord and seeing the fruits of our labors!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a good week! Love you all!!!

Elder Barnard 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 68

Seems like everyone is doing good back home! I was super excited to talk to everyone!! I'm super pumped for the new weight room also....!!! Can you send me a pic??
So................I was transfered. :( But, I am now with "the hero" missionary of the misson!!! His name is Elder BOWCUTT!! He's from texas and I'm super duper excited to be his companion. He and I are going to be in charge of MY FAVORITE ZONE IN THE WHOLE MISSION  --GUARAPIRANGA-- the last time I was in this zone was about a year ago when we broke a few records! And so now as one of the leaders of this zone I'm looking forward to breaking our own records from last year!!! haha its gunna be a great transfer! I've  never been so excited for a new transfer to start!!!!
So I kinda forgot to ask you much as I hate asking this I was wondering if you could put like 60 or 70 dollars in my account. I bought an exercize training thing from sister dalton and she kinda needs the money because shes going home here pretty soon! Lemme know if thats a possiblity.. 
I'm also gunna have to buy new shoes again but I'll see if dad can help me out with that. I have two pairs, one that are going to be hopefully thrown in the garbage today and the other pair I bought a few months ago. They are also kinda falling apart but I'm gunna send them to a shoe shop to get fixed.
Anyways hope everything is well and i hope everyone has a good week!!!!

Elder Barnard

RE from mom

Money has been sent with a little bit extra to contribute towards the shoes! ;*  I’m happy that your transfer is going to be a great one!!!! Can’t wait to hear about all of the successes!!! Love you!  Will check in later this week and let you know how things are going!
Love, MOM

RE from Missionary

It's a very good thing that I have the best mom ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Elder Barnard

***Too adorable not to include <3




Week 67

Well, I am convinced that this week was a mark in my mission in where I, Elder Barnard, changed for the better. Through my loving mission president, and the Lord I was able to turn myself into a new person. My faith this week was at a new level, there was literally no doubt inside me. It got to the point to where a miracle happened: (1 of many)

It was Friday morning and when we woke up it was raining.....the first thought was "JÁ ERA". (well I'm done for) we only had 3 or 4 new investigators (our goal was 12) and our plan that day was to find the rest. I knew it would be harder for the people to let two young adults that are soaking wet come into their homes to talk about Christ, instead of if it were us clean and dry without the rain. so the first thing I did that morning was a prayer, like always. but this prayer was different. This prayer was a prayer of determination and without having a show of a doubt i prayed, this was a true prayer of faith. what I asked was simple, clear and direct. Showing God that we would do our part and that it was just to ask such as thing as this... I asked God to hold off the rain from the moment we would step outside of our apartment so that we could help his children find the paths of righteousness through my companion and I.

 BELOVED PERSON WHO IS READING MY EMAIL that afternoon, in my area, not a drop of rain fell from the skies.

I KNOW that this was not a coincidence. It did not rain because of our faith. the faith we have in our Savior and in this work.

I was greatly humbled to have had such an experience as this this week. because of our faith in CHRIST we were able to beat our goals....and in the end BAPTIZE another child of God!!!

I love this work and the privilege I have to be a representative of Christ!!

with much love,

 Élder Barnard