Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 49

Things in my new area are going good! It was two areas but President Dalton took one companionship out of the ward leaving my companion and I with everything! haha! So it's a lot of work but it's going good!

So we arent aloud to be out on the streets after 6 o´clock the 24th, 25th, 31st, and the 1st. So with just my comp and I in the house we´re going to have to get creative. I was thinking about cooking, but I don't have money to waist on food.

After buying 2 pizzas this week and taking out another R$200 I'm throwing my debit card in my suitcase to not waste anymore money. But with that being said..................with the money that you guys sent me I bought myself a new suit!!! Super nice!! It was only R$300. We´ll see how long it'll last.

This last week in the ward we had a christmas party and we worked our butts off. We had a family of less actives and a family of investigators there at the party. I wanted to go because of all the great food that was made but the party started really late and we only got to stay for the spiritual part of the party..............hahaha it was kind of sad but afterwards I came to realize I wasn't there just to eat, I was there to help these families!!

President Dalton wants a white christmas....but we´re in brasil and it doesnt snow here....soo it can't be a white christmas of snow, but it can be a white christmas with everyone wearing baptism jumpsuits!!!! WOOHHOOOO!! He wants us to break his record of baptisms in one week (the current record is 61) so I'm hoping that the 2 baptisms my comp and I have will help break the record!!!

love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 48

Well, this week was interesting!!

Learning a new area is always a hard thing to do but I always like the challenge. Elder Medina is by far the best companion I've had in my mission so far. I've only had 1 week with him but I can easily say that he is a a great missionary. I couldnt be any more happy with my companionship. This transfer is going to be great.

I went to renew my visa this week and Wednesday I had to do a division with Elder Chumbley (a dude from my group from the mtc). He is in Cipo and so the fastest way to do the division was meet up in Grajau. Meeting up there completely ate the entire day. We got back to my area around 8 o'clock. Then going to the police took the whole day in Denovo. Elder Medina and I got to our area around 7. So with that being said, going to the police took around a day and a half out of my week but we still got a lot of things done.

Pictured above is the family that will get baptised! We baptised their daughter because she was too impatient to wait for her parents wedding!!! (This was from last week)

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 47

well, this photo should explain everything!! raneiri here i come!!!
ill be serving with my first hispanic companion!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO! yo queiro aprender espanhol!!

i would like to thank everyone who sent me letters and stuff i recieved in my package that the ward sent me!!