Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 72

Well.....another transfer happened.. Elder Bowcutt leaves for his new area. President Dalton is going home on Saturday and things are gunna be different around here! I got called as Zone Leader 1 which means that I'm the big boss here in my's kinda scary though to think about that knowing that just a few weeks ago I was only in charge of a few missionaries as a district leader. But it's a good feeling to know that the Lord trusts in me enough to put me in charge of this zone. My companion will be Elder L. Souza. I dont know him yet so I dont know where he's from or anything but one thing I do know is that this will be his first transfer as Zone leader so I'm basically gunna need to train him again! hahaha but he's a really good missionary who has baptized at least one person every week for 8 weeks in a row. The kid knows what hes doing! haha

On thursday we had our last mission reunion with President Dalton. Everyone cried and cried and cried. It's hard to see someone you love and respect so much leave all of the sudden. I know that other than the Lord and my own Dad, LOREN G. DALTON is the man who has had the most positive influence in my life. He has helped a young-man become  a real man who loves and respects his savior more than ever before. He will be missed, but it was an honor to be able to know and work with him.

This week we baptized 2 more people. CAIO and EZIQUIEL. They are brothers in a family of 5. The way we found them was a pure miracle. Their mom had been praying and asking God to send someone who could help her family come closer to one another. She needed more love in her house. That same day that she had prayed, we knocked on their door. This week 2 of her 3 sons got baptised and next week her and her other son will be baptized as well. It was an amazing expeirience to be a part of their conversion.

A member invited us over to learn how to make the number 1 pizza in SÃO PAULO. (I made this pizza from scratch!!! rolled that baby out and everything!!!!) pizzaria DONETTELLO!

Elder BOWCUTT and I. This man is the best comp I've had so far in my whole mission. Love this guy.

Pic with the one and only ELDER JACOB MOOS one of my EXCOMPS (the other two just wanted to be in the pic)
This is CAIO EZIQUIEL and ther other mom, other brother david, and friend Michael

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