Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 73

well this month has come to an end and its getting harder and harder for me to say that i have to come home in december. i remember when i was a new missionary and i thought that 2 years would never pass by. now with less than 6 months left if i could gain another year and a half back i would!!! time is eating me up!!! the past few weeks have been kindof hard because so many of my life long friends have been going home completing their missions.  my companion got transfered last week to the other side of the mission!!! it was kinda hard to say goodbye because he is by far one of my best friends! i never thought id have a friend from texas! haha 
its a sad thing to see people that you love so much leave... and speaking in leaving, PRESIDENT DALTON is leaving saturday morning.

but lets stop talking about sad goodbyes and let say happy hellos! MY NEW COMPANION IS ELDER L. SOUZA! he is from BAHIA! bahia is a state in the middlish section on brasil. he has a year and 1 month here on his mission. hes really cool! last week he had to get stiches in his head because someone kicked the glasses literally into his head with a soccer ball! but who said that mission scares were a bad thing?

the mission is going good! i´m livin´ my dream as being a zone leader and am trying my very best every day to help my zone in whatever way possible. this month ended and we were super super super close of meeting our goal. one more baptism  and we would have beaten it!!! ahhhhhhh

as far as investigators and baptisms...things are going really good! Not the best out of everyone in my mission, but i couldnt ask for anymore haha! things are going great. my companions and and i baptized 6 people in these last 6 weeks!! im excited to help even more people this week!! the feild here in brasil is white as snow and has been ready to harvest ever since the gosple got here!!! my mission president when he was here in 1981 was baptizing anywhere from 5 to 11 people a week. weekly!!! the work has slowed down a little but i know for a fact that before my mission is over i will have accomplised the same!!!! the only thing that has changed is the faith of the members and of the missionarys!! with GOD ALL IS POSSIBLE!!!

i wanted to send everybody pictures from the baptisms yestersay but i forgot my camera at really bad when it comes to pictures. hopefully next week ill remember to bring my camera so i can send you guys the pictures!!

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