Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 70

well this week was fairly well. we had planned to have a few baptisms this last week but it ended not working out. but, with that being said, we are still planning on finishing this transfer with another 6 sons and daughters of god entering into the waters of baptism!! i love being companions with elder Bowcutt!! he was the AP for 6 months so im learning a lot with him! he goes home next transfer but im hopeing that president lets us stay together!!!

oh yeah, president dalton is going home is 3 weeks...........................its gunna be really weird around here with a new president.

so heres a picture of us at our house.

Elder Da Costa (DL) the lone brasilian from RIO, Elder F.C. Rodarte III from washiongton! (SUPER REDNECK!!!!!) myself the florida cracker, and Elder Bowcutt from texas

so its a fact that here in brasil if you dont like coke, you´re a loser!!! gotta love it!
and heres my beloved shoes! it makes me sad that we might have to go our seperate ways...

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